South Carolina Ultra Trail Series

Buncombe Trail Run - April 2008

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Hi Terri,
I just want to tell you thanks for another great race. I thoroughly enjoyed the FATS 40/50 trail run yesterday morning. Please, please, please keep organizing the trail series and don't change a thing. The Forks Area Trail System was a perfect place for a run. The trails were easy to get to, well maintained, and very scenic. The terrain was nice and rolling and not technical or too demanding. The trails were well marked and even if you went the wrong way on one of the loops...who cares? You did the same distance and got to meet more runners going the other direction. It was great. I was initially hesitant about there being mountain bikers on the course on Sunday. However, all the mountain bikers I encountered on the trails were very courteous and supportive. The food was good as always and the volunteers did a great job. And don't let me forget about the finisher award. A unique handmade award beats a cold piece of machine stamped metal any day! Keep it up. I'm looking forward to the next race.
            Mike Babcock (FATS Forty runner)

I really enjoyed the trails and the folks! Everyone was so nice and I think the aid stations were the best of any race I have been at--and I have been doing these for a while now! There was everything I needed and then some at every station!!! I know how much work goes into the race Terri! you did a wonderful job! The course was fun, pretty but definately gave you a work out on all those little ups and downs!
I'll definately come back and do your races again! Keep them on Sundays --and I will be there!!!!
Thank you again!
            Amy Costa (FATS Forty runner)

Thanks for putting on a great race yesterday. All my friends and I had a really good time despite our wanderings in the woods. I don't feel so bad that I got lost and had to do Big Rock twice instead of doing Tower since Big Rock is actually slightly longer (but basically the same). I definitely think I got my money's worth. I'm pretty well wasted today. The aid stations were excellent. The food and snacks were good and there was plenty of it. I hope you have it next year. I'll be there.
            Robert Williams (FATS Forty runner)

I want to thank you for putting this race on. I had a blast! Too bad I wimped out on the 40M, but the 50K was a ultra long and ultra hard! You and your staff did a great job and I can't wait to do all 4 races next year.
Again thanks for what you did, you helped me do something that I thought that I would never do!
            Joshua Sale (FATS Forty runner)

Things I loved about the race: The trail was a perfect mix of scenic, technical and runnable. The aid station food was stunning, with better choices, and more choices of food than most 100-milers (also very clean!) The home-made finisher's awards. I have tons of anonymous buckles, statues, and plaques. I really prefer something I can use or something that reminds me of the people and event, and makes me smile. Since I prefer useable stuff, I love the lanyard! I finally have something to wear my badge on at work that is me. The volunteers were super, helpful but not pushy and very friendly. Plus, enough of them. The Subways at the end were perfect! Plus, I am a vegetarian and there was something for me. Plenty of ice, in the middle of nowhere, on a hot day. That's great planning. It's now listed on my race spreadsheet as my favorite 50K
            Susan Donnelly (Chattooga River 50K runner)

I just wanted to thank you for putting on such a wonderful event this past weekend. The Chattooga River 50K was a fun trail race with a good variety of scenery and trail conditions. It was a real challenge on the return leg to negotiate the narrow river trail with all of the roots and rocks. My legs and feet are still protesting the effort from Sunday. Your volunteers and aid stations were fantastic. Their enthusiasm and support was the difference out there on the trail. They even had bug wipes to help ward off the deer flies! The watermelon and subway sandwiches at the finish were a welcome site, as well. Thanks again for all of your efforts wi th the SC Ultra Series. I have really enjoyed the first three and am looking forward to the Swamp Fox run in October.
Kind regards,
            Brian Kistner (Chattooga River 50K runner)

Thanks for a great race Terri! Wanda and I both had a great time--I'm attaching the photos she took in case you can use them. I hope to be down for the October race, and if so Wanda will volunteer again. I saw how late the last runner was--what time did you get to leave? Never expected it to take so long, but a wonderful introduction to ultras for me! Again, thanks so much!
            Phil Garland (Chattooga River 50K runner)

Hi Terri:
Kudo's to you and all the volunteers for putting on a great race, I had a fantastic time. This was my first ultra and wow, I picked a big one, warm temps, a very challenging trail, getting lost for several hours, but still a fun time. I can say that I am truely hooked on trail running, I like the small venues, the close knit group, how runners look after one another. Great Job and I hope to see you on the trail again.
            Michael Ward (Chattooga River 50K runner)

Thanks again for all you did to put this show on. Having volunteered for several events I have at least a clue as to the hours and hours of hard work and preparation it takes. Your volunteers were GREAT! Leaving each aid station this rookie had a fresh feeling of confidence that lasted for ………well a couple of miles anyway. Aside from my concern (respect) for the heat taking a little of the fun out of it, it was a blast. Thanks again,
            Chris Bennett (Chattooga River 50K runner)

Terry, Thanks for the update email and I wanted to tell you that you did a wonderful job organizing the event. In response to your question below, I am a first-time ultra marathon runner now that I completed this race. It won't, however, be my last! Again, great job and I'll be at this race again next year.
            Basil Bonner (Chattooga River 50K runner)

Dear Terri, You put on a great race! Congratulations! I know you put a lot of time, effort and money into making it happen. The aid stations were great - plenty of good stuff to keep us going, but most importantly, everyone working them was helpful and nice...No small task. You found good people - a reflection of the race director. It was a good course. Harder than I thought, but very pretty and just enough mud to keep it fun. Again, thank you and I look forward to running with you again!
            Mike Pastore (Harbison Forest 50K runner)

Terri, It was my first ultra and I loved it. Thank you so much for such a great race. If my IT band decides to stop hurting I will be at the next race in May. Hope to see you again. Thanks.
            Bruce Sibley (Harbison Forest 50K runner)

Terri, This was my first ultra. Everything was very well organized and well thought out. The aid stations offered of lot of choices and were well stocked. Thanks for being so prepared.
            Justin Trocki (Harbison Forest 50K runner)

Terri, Thank you (and your volunteers) for a GREAT run!!!
            Tyler Peek (Harbison Forest 50K runner)